Berlindefined / 3 days, 2 hours ago / Maximus92

Hi there, of course you can go to Lab when you´re bi.

Maximus92 / 2 weeks, 3 days ago / CURIOUS

Hope everyone is well. I have a question for the people here! Okay so if I was looking to have my first sexual experience with a guy (I'm bisexual...I think) would this be possible here? when it opens back up of course). Are there people that are up for this kind of stuff? Sorry it's probably a stupid question but i'm new to this! thanks

hotboi / on 15/9/20 / How is the OPENAIR party

Has somebody been there so far? Many people there?

LeatherUnicorn / on 8/9/20 / Miss you

I love Lab & I miss the darkness so much... men too

Berlindefined / on 31/8/20 / @MACK29

Lab is still closed

mack29 / on 13/8/20 / Is Lab open ?

has lab club opened please inform as i plan to visit Germany and Lab


bmw-boy / on 7/8/20 / LAB.OPENAIR


Is it possible to recieve piss in the toilets in LAB. OPENAIR parties like in other events before? Thank you!

so_ist_es / on 7/8/20 / Openair

I want to visit Lab today.. But I was wondering how long is it open in this Openair Event? is it 18-21 or they do Party there the whole night? thanks if someone would respond! :)

so_ist_es on Romeo ;) :D

bmw-boy / on 6/8/20 / WHAT HAPPENS IN "LAB.OPENAIR / HANGOUT"?


Please, tell me what is happening during LAB.OPENAIR / HANGOUT?
You can write me private message too.

Romeo: bmw-boy

I would like to visit LAB again! Stay safe!

fucker / on 21/6/20 / Re-Opening or End?

Are you ever to reopen the lab? The newest announcement seems to indicate, that a re-opening is not for sure? How can we help you?

Rausch / on 1/5/20 / Inhale lab.oratory | A playlist to hibernate the pandemic

„lab.oratory“ – our beloved men's club. A venue as rough, tough and relentless as it's unapologetic soundscape: made to make you f***k. And deeply deeeeeeply missed in this dire times.

Since we have to hibernate until lab is allowed to open again, I compiled this playlist:

it's a collection of mostly Ostgut Ton releases, who were part of actual DJ sets at lab or just channel the club's unique musical signature.

Not the real thing and dick, but better than nothing.

Headphones and Poppers optional but recommended.

Enjoy. And hopefully see you soon.

johnnyboy / on 11/3/20 /

cumguzzler, it's not about "not being able to read" if you knew how to look at the time, you'd know those questions were asked before the announcement was posted. now go guzzle some cum.

cumguzzler / on 11/3/20 / closed until 20.april 2020

Some people could not read I think. There is no schedule for april cause its closed until 20 april 2020!!!!! CLOSED. there is a corona epidemic in germany. on the main site there is the information!!!!!

johnnyboy / on 11/3/20 / april

will the schedule for april 2020 go up soon?

Anthony / on 10/3/20 / When is the schedule for April Released

Hey boys!

When will the schedule for April come out?

steffenaushh / on 29/2/20 / Lust

Bin am 18.06. zur naked party. Freue mich schon wieder darauf.

kezzy / on 19/2/20 / CumDump Kevin Stamco

Will be in berlin March 19th until April 5th ,,would like to be used as a cumdump for the time,,
will get in the sling when i get here - fist punchfuck ,, total mancunt for long term use.
1 416 312 2580 Toronto Canada ,,
Kevin Stamco

ffanis / on 9/2/20 / I like FF

Fisten gehört zum Sex a/p

besucherlab39 / on 26/1/20 / LAB.DANCE 2-4-1 / DANCE UP YOUR WEEKEND

Was hat das auf sich was ist da so los ? kann man da auch nackt rum laufen ?

hoary / on 4/1/20 / filthy farm

what can you expect ? which dress code is appropriate?